Insurance And Technology Evolution And Revolution In A Digital World 


Learn how insurance and technology evolution and revolution in a digital world has help insurance agents to increase sales and advance their skills. 

People today greatly prefer customized digital experiences. Technology has been evolving by the day, and the impact is huge. In this case, Insurance technology does not lag behind. Insurance technology has become powerful, and agents are utilizing it wisely. Insurance technology in Florida like any other has constantly been upgrading itself to provide clients with a seamless user experience.

Here below are some ways through which agents can maximize their potentials through insurance technology.

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Tools Insurance Technology Use:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

A CRM system allows you to digitally store customer data making it convenient for you to access or scan and digitalize paperwork. The data could include policy information, documents, notes, copies of emails, etc. It is very reliable as it gives you quick access and a systemized view whenever you require it. It helps create more sales by creating unique individual interactions with clients and improving the workflow by keeping track of everything.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI is designed in such a way that it could function just like human intelligence. It can significantly benefit the insurance industry. It can solve various customer problems related to underwriting, claims, and customer service. Further, AI could easily and quickly complete basic tasks through automation. Clients are also able to mix and match their coverages, giving them a high-end experience.

Blockchain Insurance Technology

Some issues the insurance industries face are fraudulent claims, third party payment transactions, and handling big data. Blockchain technology can easily resolve these issues. It can further help mitigate various issues such as reducing administrative costs through verified payments from third parties, handling many third-party transactions and claims, and assisting agents verifying fake clients, policies, and transactions by providing records.

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Insurance And Technology Evolution And Revolution In A Digital World

Big Data 

Big Data helps you solve many issues related to understanding, analyzing, and processing large data, such as structured data (tables, fields) and unstructured data (social media, typed reports, and recorded interviews). For instance, the State Farm insurance company collects customers’ driving behavior through a mobile app and in-vehicle OnStar system for its Drive Safe and Save Program. Clients then get automatic discounts according to their driving habits.

Machine Learning for Insurance Technology

According to Forbes, Machine learning refers to a branch of AI but is more specific. AI can build machines to process data and learn on its own, without constant supervision. Machine learning can improve the claims process by automatically moving it through the system. It makes analysis and contacting clients efficient. It further offers agents new methods and tools that help them classify risks and reduce costs.

Telematics Devices

A telematics device refers to a system installed in your client’s car to attain information and determine risk factors and adjust the insurance premiums accordingly. It helps agents claim management and payment and develop personalized offers to enhance their relationship with clients.

Lessons from Insurance Technology

Insurance companies are no exception when it comes to transforming through technology. With the application of these technologies, companies can further have an in-depth insight into their processes. Insurance Technology in Florida has advanced greatly in its operations and claim to have smooth-running business with the implementation of these technological advancements.

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