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About Us

Who We Are

We’re an information hub aiming to assist insurance agents and agencies by updating them on the latest technology they may want to leverage to gain a competitive advantage. We curate modern-day technologies and present analysis to help agents make a well-informed decision so that they’re able to put their best foot forward. Additionally, we offer personalized contents to reflect the technology trends in different states in the US.

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Our Mission and Vision

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Assist Insurance Agents

We believe in empowering the agents by providing up-to-date information specialized in insurance technology.

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Personalized Content

We offer state-wise technology information so that insurance agents and agencies can identify the best available alternative for their business.

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Market Analysis

Our blogs help agents understand the contemporary technological scenario to help them get the maximum value on their technology investments.

Why Us?

We provide you content exclusively focused on insurance technology. Moreover, we run an analysis to present you with information regarding what’s trending in different states in the US. Therefore, you can identify the best technology suited to your line and scale of business.